super t's new hairdo

Sunday, April 19, 2009

super t has beautiful curls... i love 'em.

but... every now and then, the boss gets the urge to cut it all off. not trim it, not tighten it up, but shave all of it off. this typically happens while i am distracted. this particular time, i was heavy into laundry and didn't notice the buzzing sound until it was too late...

super t was super excited to have a mohawk.

and he was super disappointed when he found out that the mohawk wasn't here to stay.


Lady_Di said...

Aww. It'll grow back. This time tell the boss to stay away from the clippers! LOL.

Lesley said...

He does not look at all happy with the outcome.

James Hewitt said...

I like it shorter, he looks good. With it long he looks like no one ever brushes his hair.

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