archerhill 09

Sunday, February 22, 2009

we've been doing a garden for the past three years with friends of ours. this is our garden from last year.

this year, we're starting earlier than we ever have before. the boss decided to start our tomatoes early from seed and just let 'em grow in the house until it's warm enough to put 'em in the ground outside. i'm sure there's a name for this... but i don't know all the garden lingo.

he's labeled the cups and everything... fancy and official, i know.

little princess noticed the cups in the window and asked the boss about them... this is the conversation i heard... little princess: what's in the cups? the boss: i planted tomato seeds in there. when the plants get bigger we'll put 'em in the garden. little princess: ohhhh... brief pause... why did you name 'em all tom?

bless her heart.

oh... how i've missed you!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

we got power yesterday... and i'm so thankful.

this is a run down of the events that have taken place since my last post. i'm gonna try not to be too boring... but... beware, a lot has happened!

we lost power during the ice storm on tuesday night... that would be tuesday, january 27th.

while we were getting ready for a great game of sorry... sitting near the wood burning stove... with candles...

our sweet neighbor came over to offer us his generator. we gladly accepted his offer. although at the time, i didn't realize how important that generator would be for us.

my thoughts on this day... tuesday, jan 27th: wow... this is sorta cool. we probably won't have school tomorrow... the boss probably won't have to work. maybe we can play outside tomorrow.

we got more ice... much more ice tuesday night and wednesday morning.

our great friends came over on wednesday afternoon to spend the night. that was fun. we played mexican train, mafia, and sardines. good times, good times.

my thoughts on this day, wednesday, jan 28th: this is fun... having another family around... to sit in the dark with... much better than being alone.

stone got sick thursday... he couldn't eat, had fever and a headache. our friends left... probably cause they didn't want to get the sickness (i don't blame them). they also needed to get a generator, and set up a way for them to live in their house... b/c by this time we are all realizing that it may be like this for a while. thursday night... in the middle of the night... stone couldn't make it to the bathroom (and i'm not talking about vomiting) . so the boss and i had to clean up... in the dark (super dark)... in the middle of the night... and we couldn't even wash the sheets. we just threw 'em outside. it was terrible! friday was much of the same... except the boss had to go back to work. i was on my own. stone was still sick.

my thoughts on this day, friday, jan 30th: this is terrible... i don't know how much more i'm gonna be able to take of this... should i just throw those sheets and blankets away?

on friday afternoon, in my very unstable mental state, the lights came on! i could hear the angels singing. i called the electric company immediately b/c we had a down power line from our night light... that i'm sure was hot. and our main line was splintered but... my power was back... not 100% b/c we couldn't use the big stuff (dryer, microwave, treadmill, etc), but that was ok for now... at least we had hot water! and my mind was recovering.

we took the kiddos to the boss' parents, so that we could clean up the yard. we had a good weekend cleaning up... very productive. and we watched most of the super bowl at our friends' (whom we love so very much) place.

fast forward to tuesday, feb 3. super t and i left school a little early b/c super t had a 102 fever. i wasn't feeling great either. we went straight to bed when we got home. my stomach had been feeling weird all day, so all i ate was bread. super t felt better by wednesday morning... i didn't. as we were lying in bed wednesday morning, the power went off. i got out of bed, looked out the window, and saw a lineman on the pole. i thought he was fixing our lines, but i was wrong. he was just cutting our power off. i was sick all day. headache, stomach issues, and by wednesday night i was running a fever. i couldn't keep anything in me for long... no water, no gatorade, no nothing.

my thoughts on this day, wednesday, feb 4th: i hurt. it's cold. i'm glad super t's feeling better.

thursday was worse. i still had all the same symptoms, i couldn't get my fever to come down with meds. i was cold. i was going to the bathroom at least once an hour and i was vomiting, too. i didn't eat anything, and the gatorade i was drinking... wasn't staying with me... if you know what i mean. at this point, i couldn't even walk a straight line... the box squats had worn off and were doing nothing for my balance.

my thoughts on this day, thursday, feb 5th: i hurt. uh, oh... i've gotta go to the bathroom again.

on friday my fever went away and my headache was gone. everything i drank still went right through me. i made the mistake of eating a sub sandwich... which caused cramping... lots of cramping. and, of course, doubled the bathroom trips. it was not good.

my thoughts on this day, friday, feb 6th: if i don't feel better by tomorrow, i've gotta go to the doctor. i hurt. why did i eat that sub? uh, oh... i've gotta go to the bathroom again.

i went to the doctor on saturday and found that i'd lost 10 pounds. yeah, 10. i felt so bad, that i couldn't even enjoy it. i had pretty much convinced myself that i was going to need an iv... but i prayed that i wouldn't have to go to the hospital. we just couldn't afford it. the doctor did some blood work... i'm not really sure why b/c my mind was mush. but this is what i heard her say: blah, blah, blah... i'm gonna give you these pills... blah, blah, blah, blah... these pills will be your friend... blah, blah, blah, blah... try to eat bland foods, like mac and cheese... blah, blah, blah, blah. so, i went home and started taking those pills. they worked. and i lived off mac and cheese until tuesday.

my thoughts on this day, saturday, feb 7th: thank you, God, that i didn't have to go to the hospital. and thank you for doctors that give us pills that become our friends.

fast forward to thursday, feb 12th. we still didn't have power. well... actually, our neighbor noticed a day or so after our power went off the second time that we didn't have power and let us borrow his generator again... so we weren't completely without power. but still... our lines needed fixin'. so, i talked to someone at school who happened to know someone who worked for the electric company; and friday morning... 7am... the electric people were at my house. praise God for working things out for us!

my thoughts on this day, saturday, feb 14th: valentine's day... i love the boss (who took care of me... and everything else while i was sick), my kiddos (who make me feel special and keep me laughing), my friends (who've proved that they will do whatever it takes to help us out), my co-workers (who make coming to work more fun than it should be), my family (who i've grown to love and appreciate even more the older i get), and finally, the lineman who came to my house on friday (who i wanted to give a big hug and kiss).

happy valentine's day!!!