Friday, May 8, 2009

today the boys accompanied me as i shopped for my mom.

other than them racing to push the handicap button that opens the doors; and super t knocking over a display of shoe boxes... oh, and stone forgetting that he had wrapped his knee in a nasty ace bandage which dangled from the bottom of his shorts... things went pretty well.

in the car on the way home, super t pushed the button that lets the seat in front of him fall forward. after doing it several times, i finally told him to stop. of course... before we made it home, he did it again.

as punishment, i told him that he was not allowed to ride in the third row seats again.

not 5 seconds after i get that out of my mouth, stone says... well, super t, you better do it one more time since you won't ever be back there again.

oh my, this is how his brain works... and he's tryin' to convert his brother.