my super heroes

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

this summer i have turned the tv off (except for a few cartoons in the morning) and limited (really limited) the computer time for the kiddos. i have loved listening to their pretend play. they have been fishermen, teachers, doctors, psychiatrists, construction workers, swim stars, track stars, movie stars, award winning vocalists and song writers, super heroes, and (my favorite) house keepers... ok, i made them play that.
this is a picture of the boys putting on their super hero masks.
they used electrical tape... if that ain't usin' you imagination, i don't know what is!

we made them take the "masks" off before we went to lowes... but it left black lines all over their faces.



James Hewitt said...

Funny! It's always a good time when someone puts tape on their head.

Candice Hair said...

where have your blog posts gone?? so funny - they make me laugh.

I check back frequently-

miss you guys.

love you.

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