the beach

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

we vacationed at the beach a couple of weeks ago... it was great! we went with my mom and some friends of ours.

we swam in the ocean

we played games

we saw dolphins... while on a big boat

my mom kept all the kiddos so that we could go on two... two double dates. these are pics from the first one. my sweet friend and i did not plan our attire... it just happened. i must admit... she's got great taste.

we even posed for some pictures

and finally... the picture that breaks my heart... everyone is in this picture except my mom. she was the one taking pictures the entire vacation. she was one of the reasons our family had a better time this year than any other year we've gone to the beach. she was funny, helpful, sweet, the kiddos loved... loved that she was there. and yet... i didn't have enough sense about me to get her in the picture with us. ugh...


Jo said...

I love these pictures. Makes me want to go right now!!!!!! The picture with Jake and Cailey threw me off. For a second or two I thought it was you. She's growing up. Glad you had a great time. We're going to the beach in August with our whole family for the first. Can't wait.

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